The Steve Hale Trio

Photo by Bruce Feely

Photo by Bruce Feely

The Steve Hale Trio is a grooving ensemble of guitar, bass & drums replete with melodious vocals sprinkled on familiar song smashups. Steve’s original materials and a trip down TV memory lane. An Oregon native, Steve is a singer/songwriter wrapped in a bed of blue-eyed soul, nestled in velvet melodies and technicolor whimsy with underpinnings of delicious alternative folk, jazz and Americana.

Michael Jarmer, who is an author, songwriter and English teacher, creates the delicious beats that fuel the heart of the trio.

Darin Wirth furnishes the most exquisite connection between the drums and guitar, with a luxurious rhythmic feel and tasty harmonic elements. Darin sings like a bird and can grab hold of any style and turn it into scrumptuous ear candy. Melt all three of these creative life forms together and you get: The Steve Hale Trio.

Steve Hale Trio plays August 22.

Steve Hale’s website is here.